My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Kiln on and Glazing Anxiety Hits

It happens every time, i should be used to it by now 🙂

This firing is just a bisque to set the underglaze colours first which seems to work better, so there is’nt a huge investment in how they turn out its just a step in the process but there it is.

Decided not to hide in a cave under the duvet just yet and work towards the garden gallery on the 30th in Paeroa instead, should keep me out of trouble because i still have a lot to do.

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Diane Parker Workshop Day Two

Really enjoyed, started with one thing in mind, as usual the the clay made up its own mind about where it wanted to go. What started out as one of Diane’s Ladies morphed into 2 separate sculptures which i love, next on my list is to make a complete one because they’re lovely the way they’re supposed to be.

What morphed it was that i did everything in the wrong order and wee bit slowly. Normal for me and i have learned to blame it on creativity :-). When i looked at it i just felt happy and that it would be the perfect figure to be (though a bit Picasso-esque).  Together, structured but not perfect, with all necessary parts, a little bit of character and strength despite the wobble, and free and open and uncomplicated within, the only thing missing was a tiny pot and saucer to keep the heart growing and it was perfect!


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Diane Parker workshop

Great, now know what i was missing when i didnt go to the first one!  Learned a technique i havent tried using stretched slabs, powdered ball clay and lovely textures. So enjoyed it and my little success today was making the tallest object ive made.Will it survive the firing and glazing?


I had begun to think the wheel and i were doomed to create nothing over 5 inches in height, that will still be true without much practice, however, todays technique was great and it has got me thinking of experimenting with combining the two maybe?

Had forgotten how much i loved doing textures because i have been focusing so much on making and layering glazes for colour which sadly ended up covering so much of the texture. Especially my attempt at majollica, which i now realise is what my eye didnt like, not being able to see the countours of the clay through the colour.

Torn between getting my hands in the clay tonight and conserving my energy for tomorrow which im also looking forward to 🙂