My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Faerie’s Progress


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Kingfishers cant see windows either.

For some reason a Kingfisher flew into the shed today, which fascinated the dog, which in turn panicked the poor bird who tried to fly through the window.   With baxter suitably chastised and sent off for walk i caught him and set him free so all is well, so beautiful close up.

It’s not unusual for us to get other birds and fantails popping inside for a visit and they cant see windows either.

Always wondered why.


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Majollica paste – my “geusstimate”

Similar to a clay cunnngham post in ceramic arts daily, but i dont want the firing temperature to be cone 05, so my geusstimate is to just use 200g fritt 4124 with 80ml water and a splash of saturated epsom salts. Then i will add stain till i like the colour. Its a geusstimate because im learning as i go and wonder if its the gertsley borate that lowers firing temp and hoping that the same fritt in both glaze and paste is a good idea.
Mixing only today coz its far too muggy do do anything else till tomorrow