My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Kingfishers cant see windows either.

For some reason a Kingfisher flew into the shed today, which fascinated the dog, which in turn panicked the poor bird who tried to fly through the window.   With baxter suitably chastised and sent off for walk i caught him and set him free so all is well, so beautiful close up.

It’s not unusual for us to get other birds and fantails popping inside for a visit and they cant see windows either.

Always wondered why.


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Majollica paste – my “geusstimate”

Similar to a clay cunnngham post in ceramic arts daily, but i dont want the firing temperature to be cone 05, so my geusstimate is to just use 200g fritt 4124 with 80ml water and a splash of saturated epsom salts. Then i will add stain till i like the colour. Its a geusstimate because im learning as i go and wonder if its the gertsley borate that lowers firing temp and hoping that the same fritt in both glaze and paste is a good idea.
Mixing only today coz its far too muggy do do anything else till tomorrow

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New glaze to go with the new design!


Have never made or used a white glaze, so going to test this one out, hoping for a better colour response with oxides than i get with the glazes i played with last time, though i really love the running on the lizard pot and dont think a white does that, it should give a better result for the butterfly using majollica method.  Well here’s hoping i find out something from these tests i like too.Image


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


My treasure is this little creature.  Still amazes me to see them grow from the tiniest specks that show up on my swan plants, feel like i have a hand in something positive and hopeful and wonderous  While i run around them, making sure they have enough shelter and food, even if i have to transfer them by hand to leafier plants, moving the plant so they have just the right amount of sun, but not too much. Ive been known to chase them around the yard like a silly chook trying to photograph all their different stages, as if its the first time ive seen it happen.  The funny thing is that all the while i know they dont really need me to help, that they are just humouring me with the odd good pose, they know exactly what they are doing, somehow, just at this time of year!

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Fretting over glazes again

After working on some new designs for flowers and getting the first firing done,so far so good,this is the stage where i fret over how to glaze them, because at this stage i have developed quite a creative bond with them. Probably sounds odd, but i wonder sometimes if other potters might feel the same?
Its kind of like the make or break stage where the right glaze effect, colour, even how i put it on could be just what makes it …or i will put it in a box never to see the light of day like my indecipherable or just dissapointing test tiles!
So here i am fretting!