My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Just spent an hour trimming the mugs and “trying” to pull the handles for them. Im giving up for today… i just cant pull a decent handle and im fed up, yesterday i could do it, i must not be in the right mood…or maybe the clays not in the right mood 🙂

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Todays effort-some more mugs!

Struggled a bit with motivating myself since The Domain Day, found it a bit overwhelming – not used to putting myself “out there” as it were. Was nicely distracted on the day though with my stall being right in front of the bandstand! Was a really fun day out.
So now its back to the wheel, 3 mugs yesterday and 10 today, each one unique because frankly i couldnt get two the same if i tried, at least not yet!!
In between stripping paint off the ceiling (which is turning into a nightmare)i will turn the mugs and attach handles tomorrow, if they survive that process, ill post some pics.

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Pottery flowers

Sunday is coming fast so im trying to work out how im going to display things…and lo and behold, my little Baxter baby was trying to get in the shot!!! (he doesnt know it but hes most definitely not for sale :-))

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New work for Domain Day

Decorated with underglaze and ready to be fired!
Inspirational words, these are always different because they are inspired by how i feel at the time,sometimes it might just be what i need to remember to do like “nourish” or to “hope”.
These words are important to me when i make them and if they have meaning for you when you buy them then thats success, enjoy them 🙂

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Step 1 successful

Have booked my site for The Domain Day in Te Aroha, March 18th so its the nerve-wracking part of glazing up next…have a couple of birdhouses left so might take those too, though the next batch will need to be bigger to be able to fit any kind of bird in 🙂


A new adventure

Hi and Welcome to my wee blog…..all about my creations in clay.  From a little space in my garage at home, where the car is supposed to live. As with any creative process there will be lots of experiments that sometimes work out as expected…sometimes not…and sometimes better.  I hope you enjoy seeing the process and keeping me company on the journey.