My pottery creations on and off the wheel.

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Salad bowls in the garden?

I know, right!

I had one of those “oh no” moments that i sometimes have when i opened the kiln on Sunday, now i can officially say i’ve processed that little bump and it’s all good.

But oh, the waxing! The wax was meant to mask off the flowers from the dipped blue glaze. Geuss what i learned this time? you can’t see where you put melted wax and i missed a lot of spots.

So that’s how i will end up with salad bowls in the garden and not in the exhibition 🙂

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Blue and Green Glazes

I put one of my bits of broken pottery in the last firing as a test, they might not come out the same, since i won’t be doing a hold which will make the firing lower and the results different.

But i like some of the blues and greens for the next lot of birds, and we will see how they go.

Maybe thet’s why i liked chemistry as a kid? the experimenting is fun part!

img_20190127_144936 (2)

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Pottery for the exhibition

That is except for the lidded jar! I love how the copper carbonate came out, the actual jar and lid though, are fused together and can’t be opened 🙂 woops.

edited for blog


This one was a bit of a learning curve with the firing temperature, doing a hold may have been a mistake because I over-fired the clay i think? There are a couple of things i don’t like and will try to re-glaze and no holding on next one will help.

A few more things to fire but I’m nearly ready for the big day!

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Paeroa Society of Arts Exhibition 2019

Counting the days to my members exhibition at the Paeroa Society of Arts fom 9th of February to the end of the month.

It has been a long time since i have really done much pottery and it is amazing the things you forget, like how good it is to just get all muddy and play like a child, I need to not forget that the most!

Other things, like how i mixed a certain glaze colour i might always forget, thank goodness it is just a hobby, because i don’t expect me to do things the same way anyway 🙂

Like the last time i got stuck into the clay, i still love flowers,  butterflies and plaques and things for the garden.  I have also been playing around with cups, bowls and lidded jars on an old foot powered wheel, that i really love using, i feel so much more connected and peaceful, i have to say, i am no more skilled but i enjoy it more.

I have also been inspired by a friend who really misses using an Indian Matka to store water in back home. It draws out toxins like chlorine, imparts minerals from the clay into the water and also cools it down, used a lot in India where refrigeration isn’t commonplace. The two i have made, one for the exhibition and one for my friend, i made by hand (so not perfect but neither am i) not too bad for a first try. I used the coiling method and paddled them with a bamboo spoon and a riverstone, a fun method.

Well, i am off now to try and figure out how i made my nice light blue for a salad bowl with flowers on it, wish me luck 🙂




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Terracotta Shoe Planter


This one is a request so i hope i do it justice 🙂

I have been on another mission that’s left my creative nerves frazzled so it took me a while get started but more about that one later.

I have the original broken one so that gave me a chance to make an approximate pattern, which was really lucky being the first one. The clay has been cut shaped and rested so tonight’s goal is to put it all together.

Here is how it’s going so far…..


Adjusted and played with it a bit too much and busted the join, never mind, i will re-do that piece tomorrow.


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I’ve missed you x

It has been such a long time and i am having a moment where i miss just being me and having fun with it 🙂

I got a bit bogged down with doing the should’s and have to’s and sensibles that i forgot how much fun i had blogging.

We have so much to catch up on with the pottery creations and workshops, and learning to use the old kick wheel, not to mention the chicken’s escapades around town!

Love Danies x

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Throwing Ribs

For years i have wished i could throw properly on the wheel, and every now and then i get inspired and give it another go, a work in progress.

All with the same wooden rib i got in my first basic pottery tool kit, you know the one, a little bag with a sponge, a needle tool, a ribbon tool, cutting wire and a turning tool.

I thought it was time for some more ribs that i can use on the wheel, so today was rib making day. With my trusty jigsaw, a scrap of hardwood and some wonky cutting skills, i have a good little collection.


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Jenny Taris Workshop

Another awesome workshop weekend at the pottery club in Paeroa.

This one we focussed on the female form, which i have to say i love doing and want to do some more because i haven’t done many,  there is a certain art to getting the clay to stay where you put it though. I learned a whole different way of coming at the sculpturing of it than what i have tried before too, granted these ones are not the best (still love them though:-) but am feeling inspired for the next one i try.

We had lots of laughs about the way gravity has the same effect on us girls as it did on the clay, we needed to prop a few things up with varied success 🙂

It was really cool though to see a room full of so many different female forms and all of them were beautiful in their own ways.